1/3 Objective

Animation Playground: Exploring Techniques and Having Fun

This collection showcases a variety of animation projects I've created over the past few years. They range from client work and social media content to personal experiments exploring new techniques learned in online courses (frame-by-frame, hand-drawn, vector tweens, etc.). Each project, while requiring time and effort, has been a blast to create, and I'm excited to push these skills even further in the coming year.

My animation toolbox primarily consists of After Effects, Procreate, and Lottie, but I'm always eager to try new apps – currently, I'm diving into Procreate Dreams (released late 2023).

Key Stats


The Meet Group, Various


Social Media, Various


Animation, Illustration



2/3 Animation Showcase

A Skull with Personality

The Meet Group, known for its live-streaming apps like MeetMe and Skout, wanted a playful Halloween animation.  Leveraging Illustrator and After Effects, I created a colorful and goofy vector based skull who came stomping into the mobile screen and shot colorful hearts from its eyes in true Día de los Muertos spirit. This section showcases the animation itself alongside its live implementation within The Meet Group's app.

Short animation made by TheThumbprint

Wednesday's Dance:
Capturing the Eccentricity

Inspired by the hit Netflix show Wednesday, I used rotoscoping to recreate Jenna Ortega's iconic dance sequence. This technique involves extracting key poses from the original video, drawing those frames, and then creating in-between frames (tweens) to animate the movement seamlessly to the music. It took dedicated weeknight sessions for about a month, but I believe I successfully captured the energy and quirkiness of both the character and actress.

Motion in After Effects:
Video Edits, Lower Thirds, and More

For years, Adobe Premiere Pro has been my go-to for video editing, while After Effects adds that extra layer of magic with video effects.  One example is this lower third graphic, where I used expressions and motion tweens on multiple layers and keyframes to create a dynamic overlay for a video. Additionally, I crafted this cool neon light animation for my logo entirely within After Effects from scratch, with no plugins needed.

Procreate Playground: Animated GIFs for Social Media and Beyond

These short, colorful, and lighthearted animations are perfect for social media posts or animated stickers. They showcase frame-by-frame, hand-drawn animation techniques like transitions, smears, loops, and morphs. In these examples of the iconic Yoshi and mushroom from Mario Bros., all these animations were created using an Apple Pencil and the standard Procreate app.

Short animation made by TheThumbprint
Short animation made by TheThumbprintShort animation made by TheThumbprintShort animation made by TheThumbprintShort animation made by TheThumbprintShort animation made by TheThumbprint

The five step progression of animating the mushroom from Mario.

Giving Voice to Passion: Animating Jane Fonda's Powerful Monologue

This animation features an unscripted monologue delivered by Jane Fonda, a legendary actress and environmental activist. The clip originates from Demi Lovato's podcast 4D.  For this project, I used FlipaClip, a simple app, to animate the monologue – my first attempt at frame-by-frame animation beyond a few seconds. While the quality isn't top-notch, the ease of use allowed me to quickly translate my creative vision onto a "digital canvas," ultimately sparking my creative interest in this animation technique.

3/3 Conclusion

Stay Tuned for More
Animation Adventures!

This is just a taste of what I've been up to! Many exciting projects are on the horizon, and I'll be sharing sneak peeks on my social media accounts as they progress. Additionally, completed projects will be featured in dedicated case studies here on my website, so check back often!