1/4 Objective

Disney’s Doc McStuffins -
A Kid’s Game

Disney’s Doc McStuffins was a runaway hit, and the kids absolutely loved the young girl who can “fix” the pets with the help of her toy friends. They wanted a campaign that was as fun and playful as the show to convey the mood before you’ve even seen an episode.

Key Stats






Custom Sticker Book Game



Disney's Doc McStuffins advertisement design
Disney's Doc McStuffins advertisement design
2/4 Ideation. Exploration. Conceptualization.

Interactive Fun with Doc McStuffins

In discussions with the client, I pitched various ideas for our campaign, and they ultimately chose my interactive digital stickerbook concept. In a collaborative meeting, our teams honed in on our young audience's love for stickers and play. So, first the users would watch a trailer of the show. Then, they're offered a playful way to learn about the show by adding stickers of the show’s characters to Doc McStuffin’s 'office.' It's interactive fun that captures the essence of the series.

Disney's Doc McStuffins web game advertisement design
3/4 Feedback & Refinement. Iteration & Optimization.

Just as Fun to Make as It Was to Play

Collaborating directly with Disney's design studio is always a pleasure, especially when working with their beautifully crafted creative assets. Using these, we mapped out a custom game designed for both web and mobile platforms. The intuitive gameplay involved placing, rearranging, and resizing stickers within the scene. Users could then save or share their creations, spreading the fun through word-of-mouth or preserving the memory for later enjoyment.

Disney's Doc McStuffins web advertisement design
Disney's Doc McStuffins mobile advertisement design
4/4 Finalization & Delivery

Big Hit with Kids and Adults

The campaign exceeded all metrics and key performance indicators, winning the hearts of both children and parents. Disney, impressed with the success, returned with advertising budgets and custom game ideas for multiple seasons of Doc McStuffins, along with other shows in their lineup.

Disney's Doc McStuffins web sticker book game advertisement design