1/4 Objective

A Seamless Dashboard
UI Overhaul

This user interface was crafted for project managers to create, edit, and manage various advertising campaigns for external clients. Over the past decade, developers cobbled together an interface based on periodic requests from managers, clients, and stakeholders. The product, evolving over time, resulted in obsolete or broken fields, leading to a poorly constructed UI mishmash. The user experience required adjustment for current use, and the UI aesthetics needed improvement for better efficiency and fewer errors in campaigns.

Previously, crafting a campaign took project managers over 45 minutes of confusion. Following the UX and UI revision that took a few months, managers could create a campaign in under 5 minutes.  

Key Stats


The Meet Group


Social Media Advertising


Advertising Campaign Dashboard Redesign



UX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint
Social Theater, an online advertising agency, needed an internal UI to be redesigned, by TheThumbprintUX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint
2/4 Ideation. Exploration. Conceptualization.

Versatility in Interface Functionality

Our initial focus involved assessing and refining the interface's functionalities through wireframing, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

The interface facilitates diverse campaign types, encompassing mobile and web ads, video content, social media sharing (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), calendar reminders, quizzes, surveys, user redirection to client sites, and customizable engagements like games.

Project managers can precisely target demographics, select languages, manage dates, implement frequency capping, insert links, integrate tracking pixels, and upload custom creatives to our servers.

Upon configuring the ad campaign, a custom link to the generated page is created and deployed across a network of apps and websites. This interface empowers project managers to monitor efficiency and streamline campaign organization.

UX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint
3/4 Feedback & Refinement. Iteration & Optimization.

Securing Consensus:
A Company-Wide Effort

In-depth discussions unfolded regarding our company identity and the products we aimed to offer. From C-Suite deliberations to salespeople voicing client requests, input from daily users (PMs), and the development and QA teams crafting the product, the outcomes of numerous meetings (that actually couldn’t be an email 🙂) were directly translated into dozens of UX iterations. Each choice underwent meticulous reorganization to enhance interface navigation. Once the UX was refined, the visual design language prioritized clarity, seamless navigation, comprehensive tooling, and prompt efficiency.

UX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint
UX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint
4/4 Finalization & Delivery

Boosting Efficiency and Revenue

Developers no longer have to create each ad campaign from scratch, reducing development and QA workload. Project Managers spend less time setting up campaigns and more time with clients. Salespeople better understand our product capabilities. These changes quadrupled campaign output while lowering the stress involved. Addressing pain points streamlined our process, resulting in increased revenue. We worked smarter, not harder, removing blockers for a successful outcome. The bottom line: increased revenue.

UX/UI portfolio piece of internal user interface by TheThumbpint