1/4 Objective

True Neutral Dice: A DND Thing

True Neutral Dice is a podcast born from a group of friends in their 30s and 40s who once bonded over Dungeons & Dragons (DND) in a mythical, "dorky" world. In 2020, their tabletop adventures morphed into an audio experience, necessitating a website and, crucially, a distinct brand identity. I was tasked with designing a logo, its variations, color palette, and branding guidelines to ensure consistency across their digital and physical presence.

Key Stats


True Neutral Dice LLC


Entertainment, Podcast


Logo and Branding



2/4 Ideation. Exploration. Conceptualization.

A Quest from the Dungeon Master

The "Dungeon Master" (DM), the game's facilitator, shared his vision for a clean and modern brand appealing to a predominantly male audience of self-proclaimed "nerds" ranging from college-aged to mid-life. He desired a logo that was fun, easily recognizable, and versatile for both digital media and merchandise. Additionally, he aimed to attract a broader, gender-inclusive audience of "nerds" who shared their passion for the genre.

3/4 Feedback & Refinement. Iteration & Optimization.

The Iterative Journey

Following in-depth research on competitors, industry trends, and insights from avid DND players, I sketched potential logo designs. Numerous color variations were explored, considering the need for visual distinction when multiple logos were displayed together, particularly in podcast thumbnails. While several vibrant variations emerged, an energetic ruby red became the primary choice. For typography, the bold Faktos font was paired with a playful Trashhand font for the tagline. Subtle adjustments were made to the lettering and spacing, even incorporating a nod to the iconic 20-sided die by transforming the dot in the "i" of "Dice". chef's kiss

4/4 Finalization & Delivery

Branding for Adventures to Come

The final deliverables comprised of a robust collection of creative assets: the logo, variations (abbreviated, black & white, tagline/no tagline, color variations), and more. True Neutral Dice embraced the vector files, readily integrating the logo into their website and merchandise, effectively promoting their brand.